We're having a baby!

Yes that is right - our teeny tiny team of two (Kelly & Sam) is due to grow any day now!

As a small business which we run from our home studio in the Peak District this will mean some minor changes for Poppins & Co. over the first few weeks whilst we navigate becoming first time parents.


Custom Illustration Service

Firstly - we will be closed to all bespoke illustrations and commissions for the next several weeks. Kelly is our only illustrator and as she will be taking some time with our newborn we will be unable to take on commissions for bespoke portraits, wedding stationary or brand identity work at present. We will not be specifying exactly when this service will be back in place but we hope to be able to reopen for a small number of Christmas commissions. If you have an interest in this please get in contact as usual and Sam will be able to add you to our list for contact once Kelly has resumed illustrating. We will be unable to guarantee a design slot to all enquiries this year but will endeavour to reply to all enquiries. Please note that customisation to existing designs may still be possible - also this change will not affect custom messages inside cards which continue to be available.


Customer Service

There will be times over the next short while when neither Kelly nor Sam will be in a position to reply to your enquiries. Our friend and marketing consultant Louisa Quinn has very kindly agreed to step in to fill this role in our absence and will do her very best to address your urgent enquiries regarding orders. All non urgent enquiries will be flagged to be addressed by Sam at the earliest opportunity. We ask that you please be kind and courteous to Louisa as she fulfils this role for us and be patient as she is learning the ropes. We’re so very grateful to have her support as we navigate the enormous challenge of running a small business and starting our little family.


Order Processing & Delivery

As you will understand there will be a short period of time when we are unable to process or dispatch orders and we are unable to predict at which point this will occur (apparently babies will come when they want to come!). We conservatively expect this to add an additional 2-3 working days to our processing time for orders received at this time. We will notify all customers who are likely to be impacted by possible delays of this sort at the time at which they place their order. All shoppers will be made aware of these events via the shop banner and order confirmation emails will contain further information for impacted customers. Louisa and Sam will work with affected customers to ensure they are aware of possible delays, changes to estimated delivery times and will work with customers to cancel orders if this is necessary. 



We continue to be open to all wholesale orders and enquiries. All enquiries made during this time will be flagged for Sam to address at the earliest opportunity. Open wholesale order enquiries may be able to be addressed by Louisa so please feel free to get in touch and we will help in anyway that we can.


Our dream has always been to able to be fully self supporting in our various creative endeavours so that we can create and grow our little family together, at home fully immersed in all aspects of our lives. Your support towards Poppins & Co. especially during the pandemic and Kelly’s pregnancy have allowed this dream to continue - at a very scary time where things could have been very different. We are so grateful for every order, every enquiry and all your beautiful reviews - you help us learn and grow every day and make Poppins & Co. something we are so very proud of.


Stay tuned - we’re so excited to be able to introduce our newest tiny team member once they have decided to join us in the big wide world!


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