Good things come to those who wait….

Wow - I can’t believe we’ve finally launched the website!

It has been such a long 10 months since we had the oh so innocent thought ‘maybe we should launch our own website’. Poppins & Co. continues to grow beyond my wildest expectations. From a little hobby project that sprouted out of a period of illness and a need to occupy my mind, hands and time it has now developed into a full time business  - and dare I say it a viable career path.


 I frequently have a giggle that I, an A level art drop out have somehow ended up making a living from my little doodles. When I think back to my original career goals (marine biologist - age 6) and the various careers I have dabbled in throughout the years (a hefty stint as a mental health nurse to name one) - it wasn’t exactly inevitable that I’d find myself where I am right now.


Which brings us to now. Those of you that are well seasoned ‘Pops Shoppers’ will notice that with this new chapter and new website comes a number of pretty big changes. My beloved little yellow umbrella is no more! As much as this could make me sad I am so happy with our new and refined branding that I’m quite alright with saying goodbye to the past. Branding is such a minefield and we’ve been so lucky to have input from some amazing people in the industry to guide us in the right direction and give us one or two honest truths. The end result (I hope you will agree) is this gorgeous pink and elegant brand - which compliments our products beautifully.


Which brings us to the next big change. New products! Seeing my designs on our new products was probably one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced since making my first sale back in 2016. It feels like a whole new part of my creative mind has been tapped into now so I think you’ll see the number of t-shirts, cushions and totes in the store creeping up pretty soon.


So, here’s to the next great adventure. Poppins & Co. has hands down been the best decision I ever made. Which goes to show that sometimes life will lead you in the the best, if not entirely unexpected, directions.





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